About us

Johansens Nursery are specialised in providing plants for professionals. Through robust experience and great commitment, we will consult and spar with you in order for you to succeed with your project.


The Nursery are specialised in three different business branches; production, wholesale for business clients related to the forest and scenery segment, including Christmas trees and decorative/cut greenery, and wholesale for business clients related to the garden and urban landscaping segment.


Johansens Nursery were founded in 1937 as a small, local nursery. Today Johansens Nursery are one of the leading nurseries in Denmark which, in addition to business in Denmark, also exports significantly to several European countries.


Peter Ladegaard Jensen is the owner of Johansens Nursery and purchased the business in 1990. With the aid of dedicated and talented employees he evolved the nursery to the modern business it is today.


Today the nursery employs roughly 25 permanent employees, which grows to about 50 employees during the peak season.


The nursery have their own growing area which stretches to roughly 100 hectares in Børkop, Denmark alongside 5.000 m2 adjacent manufacturing properties. At Johansens Nursery, we cooperate with a few selected and highly skilled suppliers, both domestic and foreign, in order to provide the best quality plants for your every need.


Our location in the centre of Denmark gives us with the best opportunities for a fast, precise and flexible service to our clients.



Technical and genetic quality

At Johansens Nursery we work intensively to guarantee plants of the highest quality for our clients – both genetic and technical. The production facility have modern manufacturing machinery to their disposal, along with highly skilled and deeply committed employees. Through the years we have forged strong relations to seed and plant suppliers, and to our clients in the business. We have access to the best tested seeds in Denmark and work regularly with genetic optimization of our plants.

Global G.A.P.

Johansens Nursery are Global G.A.P.-certified. As a client, it is your documented guarantee that our plants are produced in agreement with environmental and ethical rules that go beyond the current Danish regulation.

Our Global G.A.P. certified number is GGN no. 4050373084844.

Mission, vision and values


With roots in knowledge we strive for being the preferred plant supplier to professional clients who wants to enter a mutual and valuable partnership.


We will continuously work towards being perceived as respectable, responsible and reliable in all contexts. As a workplace environment, we aim to be deemed attractive by our employees.


Johansens Nursery wants to be an innovative, socially responsible and economically healthy business.


Specialist knowledge are our primary starting point for guiding and consulting our clients regarding plants and usage. Our plants are delivered at the correct time and place in the right technical and genetic quality.


As a green business, we focus on the environment and many of our plants are involved in sustainable projects. The plants assist in sustaining and evolving any plantation in the urban landscaping and the open countryside.


The business approach at Johansens Nursery is curious and innovative and we challenge the status quo. Our work environment is influenced by learning and development, where we work together as a team, but with plenty of room to each individual.


Our values characterise Johansens Nursery as a workplace and sets the tone for how we do business:

“Together we are stronger”

– with the following values as stepping stones.

• Skilled knowledge

• Responsibility

• Respect

• Reliability

With roots in knowledge

“With roots in knowledge” are the way we understand our client’s needs and expectations.

Roots do not show, but are the foundation for the growth of plants and trees. Likewise, we consider the knowledge of our employees the foundation and the contribution for successful projects.

Through this mantra we ensure the healthy business of Johansens Nursery.