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Johansens Nursery are specialised in delivering plants for business clients in the two fields; Forest and Scenery, including Christmas trees and decorative/cut greenery, and Garden and Urban Landscaping.


Specialist knowledge and years of expertise are our basis point for assisting you to succeed with your projects. In Børkop we have our plant production facility, and we cooperate with a few selected specialist manufacturers, both domestic and abroad/foreign. Consequently we can deliver plants of the highest quality for all purposes.


The nursery were founded in 1937 as a small local nursery. Today the nursery are one of the leading nurseries in Denmark which, aside from sales in Denmark, also exports significantly to several European countries.


Johansens Nursery are built upon three different branches: Plant production, wholesale in the Forest and Scenery segment along with production of Christmas trees and decorative/cut greenery, and wholesale in the Garden and Urban Landscaping segment.


Johansens Nursery are Global G.A.P.-certified.


The production branch produces a vast range of plants for Forest and Scenery, Christmas trees and decorative/cut greenery along with Garden and Urban Landscaping.

Forest and Scenery

Our branch Forest and Scenery provides plants for forestry and the open countryside, including afforestation, shelter, and wild plantation. The branch provides plants for the production of Christmas trees and decorative/cut greenery, both domestically and to several European countries.

Garden and Urban Landscaping

The branch Garden and Urban Landscaping provides a vast assortment for the garden and urban landscaping segment. The branch offers their own product line called “Eversgreen”, which is Bonsai trees in all sizes.

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News from Johansens Nursery

March 9, 2021

Spring is in the air

Amidst the beautiful spring weather, our talented employees are working hard to collect all the grounded plants and guarantee the steady flow of fresh plants to our clients across the country.


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Johansens Nursery can provide plants of the highest quality for all purposes within the professional segment. We have assembled know-how, assortment lists and plant catalogues. Click below and feel inspired.


If you have special requests for plants, which are not in the plant catalogues, please contact us. We will work with you to create the best solution for your needs.